Q: I found a bug!
A: That's not a question. Anyway, I have a Bugtracker for that. File a report there (or per forum PM), please don't mention it on Devchat/IM, I have a terrible memory for such stuff.

Q: I can't enter stuff like ™ with Alt+NumCode?
A: Yes, I know.

Q: How do I change the default theme?
A: The client honours the global theme settings for all supported OS. I.e., use your system's appearance settings in the control panel (or edit ~/.gtkrc-2.0 in unixoid operating systems).

Q: How I mine for fish?
A: Send me beer, virgins and pizza (not necessarily in that order) and we'll see.

Q: Will there be a precompiled package for Ubuntu/Debian/SuSE/Mint/$TheDistroILike?
A: No. Both DEB and RPM are stupid overcomplicated package formats which I refuse to waste time on to learn. Should you, however, decide to create these packages, I'll link them here. Note that there is a PKGBUILD in the git repo for pacman-based distributions, which you can use to create a package for your own machine. Other Linux users can use "./configure && make" and either "sudo make install" or use something like checkinstall to also create a local package.

Q: Can you integrate the DevChat into an IRC client/Pidgin/Miranda/$TheIMILike?
A: No. Non-Devnet-members may not realize, but the Devchat doesn't fit in the usual "channel/conversation"-philosophy of traditional clients due to the stuff available for higher levels. Creating a Pidgin plugin was my first idea, and I discarded it because it's nigh-impossible to do right.

Q: Can you add $feature?
A: Maybe. Use the bug tracker (mentioned above) for feature requests and ask other users in the Devchat about their opinion. If there is a reasonable number (read: >2) of users wanting it (and it's not something insane like file transfers over Devchat), it will be added.

Q: Does it run under Mac OS X?
A: Maybe. You can try to compile it, if it runs, yes. However, I don't have a Mac (and Apple doesn't allow to install OS X into a virtual machine), so I'm unable to test (or help you, if you run into problems).

Q: I'm a Greenie, can I still kick users?
A: Of course! Just write "!kick username" in the main channel or "!kick" into a pm, and the user will be kicked. Hard. Silence works the same way ("!silence").
Note: Due to a request by the administration, the kick/silence function is restricted to moderators, admins and Egosoft employees. Should someone feel left out, please complain to them.

Q: What is it with you and the Soviets?!
A: In Soviet Russia, informative post questions you! *ahem* Well, I'm a bad, evil communist, get used to it.

Q: Will there be an auto-updater?
A: No. It's not my fault that MS is unable to develop a decent package manager. You can check for a new version in the blog or via Help → "Check for update...".

Q: How secure is my password?
A: Per default, it isn't stored at all. If you manually activate the "Remember Password" function in the options, it's stored in plain text on the disk. This was done intentional, any sort of obfuscation of the password (except securing it with another password, which would be... somewhat redundant) could be broken easily by any bored hacker and would only provide a false sense of security.

Q: Why are the smiley animations so slow?
A: That's a limitation of Windows-GTK to prevent absurdly high cpu loads (30+%) with XP and Vista/7 without Aero. I could work around this by replacing the complete animation code of Gtk, but that would be way to much effort for that little gain.
Samuel Creshal at 17. Nov 2012, 09:32 UTC