yspave 0.1.0 'Insert Witty Version Name Here'

yspave is a CLI-based password manager that strives to be secure and simple. Data is only stored strongly encrypted, and can be queried/modified by CLI in one-shot or REPL modes, so it's usable over SSH links and doesn't need local db copies.

0.1.0 contains a few improvements over older versions, and with the project generally being over its major pain points, I figure it was time for a small version bump.

It's not yet quite ready for 1.0, for that I want to migrate to more modern, libsodium based crypto for storage (right now it's scrypt/AES based) and refactor the code further.

Changes from 0.0.11:

  • Deprecation: The config file format has changed; copy_call is now the option call in the copy section. The old format is still supported, but throws a warning and will be removed eventually.

  • Queries can now contain IDs or search keywords everywhere. (ponder)

  • New command: list complements get, showing metadata for all matching entries, but without passwords (similar to the query selection screen).

  • Improved command: del will now ask for confirmation and works on queries, not just IDs.

  • Improved command: copy can now show metadata of the copied password. Opt in due to its potential security concerns.

  • PKGBUILD is no longer shipped; only distributed via AUR.

  • Argument completion for zsh shipped. (ponder)

  • Internal:

    • The commands module has been reworked, making dispatch less of a mess.

    • edit has been reworked, hopefully fixing some bugs in it. (ponder)

    • Queries matching passwords added in the current session no longer trigger exceptions.

    • Default memory factor has been improved, from 64M to 512M.

    • Invalid config files now trigger proper tracebacks and error messages.

    • Exceptions in the REPL now trigger proper tracebacks and error messages.

    • Query selections can now be cancelled with ^C.

    • Releases are now GPG signed.

Download: AURGithub (.tar.gz)Local git mirror

Samuel Vincent Creshal at 08. Apr 2016, 15:10 UTC